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When we first started in the cosmetics business, we were often frustrated by the unreasonable terms imposed by established retailers. Very often, we find unique and great products that are very beneficial to the consumers and can often be bought at a better price as compared to the established brands. However, we were turned away by many retailers or imposed challenging business conditions that made it hard for consumers to purchase our products at a good price.

Rather than passing the costs of business and monopoly to consumers, we decided that we will bring our products Direct-To-Consumers through the Internet, ensuring that they can get the best VALUE and the right products that is suitable for them. We aim to disrupt the traditional cosmetics and personal care retail businesses, and removing the number of layers so that both our customers and brand partners will benefit in the long run!


As consumers ourselves, we believe cosmetics and personal care products are very personal. Modern shopping habits, unchecked capitalism and the spread of chain stores however made consumers entrapped by the major FMCG brands that we see in these stores. Small business owners and unique brands do not have a chance in this ruthless market. We strive to help our brand partners grow by ensuring that consumers have access to a wealth of information and can buy any products that best suits them.

As an established eCommerce distributor, we were also worried about the spread of counterfeit products, that are at times harmful to consumers. Such fake products are openly sold in many online markets and consumer-to-consumer sale sites.

When you buy at Vandajo, you are ensured a quality, authentic and reasonably priced product!

Vandajo is short for Vanda Miss Joaquim, the national flower of Singapore. As with the orchid, we aim to be resilient and always-growing in the ever changing eCommerce landscape. While we are today a global company, we never forget our roots, where we started and grew our company out of Singapore.

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We know we are not perfect! Let us know if you spot anything wrong on the site or if you have any enquiries. We will strive to provide the best services to our valued customers!