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5 Mistakes you make that can give you a cakey foundation

Lam Nguyen

Tags Makeup

1. No proper skin care to prepare skin for the foundation layer

If you want to completely eradicate cakeyness, you should start establishing your own skincare regime that includes both a good exfoliator and a nourishing moisturiser. A good analogy to this is building your house. If you want to have a good quality house, you always start with a stable and firm base first. By focusing on your complexion first, your makeup doesn't have to work so hard to smooth things over and create that perfect look. 

2. Choose the wrong foundation 

You need to know which skin type is yours before deciding to invest in a foundation, especially a more expensive one. If you have an oily complexion, do opt for oil absorbing or oil control formula. For those having a dry skin, creamy, moisturising cushion that can keep your skin hydrated the whole day will be the best choice. A sensitive skin would require mineral-based formulas that are free of dyes, fragrances and preservatives that could be irritating. 

3. Skip primer 

A lot of you might just skip primer when you are in a rush. Do you know that primer is actually one of the biggest secrets to a smooth, long-lasting makeup finish? If you're worried about your foundation creasing, a makeup primer like Heimish - Artless Glow Base SPF50+ PA++ can smooth out your skin and even glow up your complexion easily.

4. Use too much powder

Those having oily skin tend to overuse powder to set your makeup with the thinking that powder can absorb all the oil completely. However, finishing your foundation with a full face of a thick layer of powder can dry out your skin and leave it looking cakey. Apply powder only on areas that can become oily easily like the t-zone or on the spot where concealer is applied.  

5. Apply too much foundation 

Everyone wants to achieve a perfect complexion. However, overloading your entire face with layer after layer of foundation is not the way to do it. Rather than looking perfect, your skin will look cakey and fake. If you have acne or acne scars that you want to cover, apply concealer on the affected spot instead of overuse of foundation with the hope that you can cover everything. Blend the concealer out and there you go - you can go out for a few hours without any caking. 


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