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8 Easy Wash & Blow Hacks for Glossier, Fuller Hair

Sin Ning Ong

Tags Hair Care

Do you want to have healthier hair? Try these 8 hacks and change your routine to achieve shinier hair!

1. Start with rinsing your hair with water completely

    Some people tend to wet their hair just a little before immediately starting to use shampoo in their hair wash routine. Yet, do you know that for your shampoo to be more effective, you should firstly wet your hair all the way to its roots? Use warm or hot water to thoroughly rinse your hair as the first step. It opens up your cuticles so the dirt or particles trapped in the hair can be more easily removed by shampoo.

    2. Shampoo with your fingertips, not fingernails

    Scrubbing your scalp using your fingernails causes friction, which can permanently damage your hair’s cuticles as well as cause breakage and frizz. Instead of washing it in strong and circular motions which may tangle your hair, you can do it using your fingertips in vertical strokes with medium pressure. Gently massage your scalp towards the crown of your head as you lather your shampoo. Not only will these steps prevent damage, they also will increase the blood flow to the scalp and stimulate hair growth.

    3. Apply conditioner from mid-length to the end of your hair

    Conditioner is great, but it’s not meant for your hair roots. The natural oil from your scalp is more concentrated near the roots; your hair might get oily if you apply conditioner at the roots. Before applying conditioner, gently squeeze some of the excess water so it doesn’t dilute the conditioner. Put some conditioner in your palms and apply it to your hair, leaving it on while you finish your shower. This will allow the moisturizing ingredients in your conditioner to be absorbed by your hair. Wash away the conditioner as a final step to end your shower.

    4. If you have knots, undo your hair using hair oil

    If your hair is damaged, you probably will have hair knots. Don’t undo the knots using your fingers; it will tug at your hair and damage it further. Instead of using a conditioner, you can opt to use serum-type oil. Warm the oil by rubbing it between your palms and gently dab the oil to the ends of your hair. Leave it on for a few minutes and rinse it off. Your knots will be undone even without your fingers running through it! If you have healthy hair, you can skip this step and just use normal conditioner.

    5. Finish with a cold rinse

      Remember how we start with warm water to open the cuticles? Now we want to close the cuticles with cold rinse. Closing the cuticles will prevent dirt and particles to enter the hair. At the same time, your hair will reflect more life and give off the most shine. It doesn’t have to be ice cold, just bring down the temperature as much as you can handle. With this small change, your hair will look glossier for a longer time!

      Bonus: Cold shower can also tighten your skin pores. You can get both healthier hair and skin with one small change!

      6. Spend more time drying with a towel

      Yes, you read it right. We should stop immediately blow drying our hair the moment we get out of shower. Start drying with a towel until your hair is at least 50% dry. As a simple guide, there should be no water dripping from your hair. Press your hair with a towel around the scalp. Those with long hair, squeeze your locks gently with a towel. As your hair is not too wet, you don’t have to use too much heat while drying your hair using hair dryer.

      7. Blow dry with cool air

        Those who think air drying is the best, you are mistaken. Air drying can be good, but if you have thick hair and leave your hair in a wet condition for too long, the effects might be reversed. When our hair comes in contact with water, it swells and puts on pressure to the delicate proteins in your hair cell. When the cells are under pressure for too long, the structures are lost, leading to damaged and brittle hair. According to a study done in Canada, using a hair dryer at the right distance and temperature will cause less damage than air-drying it. Start blow drying your hair using cool air to get rid of that swell without damaging your hair.

        8. To add volume, dry your hair in the opposite direction

          The sides of our hair tends to look limp and thin if there’s no volume. Usually, we use hot air to blow dry our hair to get some volume, but this might damage your hair. To get more volume on the sides, gently run your fingers through your hair and flip it towards the back of your head as you dry it with cool air. If you do this, you don’t have to use hot air and still get that volume you want.

          That's it for our 8 quick hacks for glossier, fuller hair. 

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